1. Well if Anderson Cooper wasn’t gay before I can see how this helped things along…

  2. kimmykimkim

    Really thought this was going to be someone in drag.

  3. Lucion

    Stretch out that face some more, will ya dude.

  4. kill. it. with. FIRE.

  5. theoriginal LJ

    Time for another trip to the face lift doctor.

  6. catapostrophe

    Who’s the lucky guy?

  7. it had to be said

    Belzer in drag?

  8. Biff

    It’s Carrot Top in drag….man.

  9. Cock Dr

    She puts so much into obtaining “beauty”, but doesn’t get very much for her investments.

  10. phffft...

    Thought it was Peggy Bundy…

    • Blech

      I thought it as Peggy Bundy’s mom.

      But then I remember Al saying that Milwaukee was the city they built around Peg’s mother. So, she’s not this thin…

  11. Say what you want, but I think these Grimm commercials are really scary.

  12. Boo Yah

    Your cleavage days are over, Gramma.

  13. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Janice Dickenson’s lost sister?

  14. Your move Leatherface.

  15. Gin&Tonic

    the woman behind her says it all

  16. I’d rather nail her cousin Peter.

  17. In other news, an 80 year-old Spanish woman has attempted to restore Kathy Griffin.

  18. Urvag

    Damn this chick is annoying!

  19. Bigalkie

    Obnoxious skank.

  20. That’s life when you’re on the D-list. -Kathy Giffin

  21. journalschism

    Took Kathy Griffin to my mechanic today. There’s something wrong with my tranny! OHHHH! I’ll be here all week.

  22. jasper

    Nice wig, Miss Lady Elaine Fairchild.

  23. Quijibo

    I just came.

  24. EricLr

    I don’t think those are crow’s feet. More like a pterodactyl.

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