1. A little on the thick side but I wouldn’t mind tossing them about for a while…

  2. kimmykimkim

    I see London, I see fat.

  3. Lucion

    Let me guess… The British Karashian’s or Hilton’s?

  4. Cock Dr

    It’s as if Paris Hilton swilled Weight Gain 4000 milkshakes for a couple months.

  5. elephantman

    FUN BAGS! I’d hit em! I like BIG chicks with big BOOBS! The name says it all!

  6. vgrly

    Thunder thighs. I think those thighs could kill.

  7. If Jonah Hill were a woman.

  8. BEP1

    Paris Hilton and Birtney Spears of 2012!
    Just with more underwear on…..and a lot less famous!

  9. Gin&Tonic

    least interesting upskirt shot i’ve seen in a while

  10. Sam and Billie…nice.

    I wonder what the two chicks names are.

  11. jones

    i googled – these can’t be the same two women

  12. Giorgio

    New James Bond girl Titties Galore!

  13. Hey. Where’s the dude who was bragging on the fitness of the average British woman the other day? Because AHEM.

  14. I really must watch this show “The Only Way Is Essex” to find out what exactly the fuck it’s about.

  15. Anderson Pooper

    Sometimes it’s a good thing that the zoom feature on this website blows.

  16. Why is the picture being taken from inside the car

  17. contusion

    Photo: Van full of fat girls.

  18. Buddy The Elf

    WOW – she gave each one of them NAMES??

  19. I like what I’m seeing here.

  20. I might as well be rocketing out of the closet, but I have to admit that I am not such a fan of tits that I can overlook large-assity. Huge tits on an obese chick is like getting excited that your life endurance policy is paying out huge.

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