1. “So, if I understand you correctly, you can suck the gay out of me with that straw? How much is this treatment again?”

  2. it had to be said

    “Oh, you’re making me hot with that straw . . .”

  3. adcomp

    oh jonas, when are you gonna come out and be happy? this kid is gayer than a bag of dicks.

  4. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    No, its $25 for a “Around the world” dammit!

  5. Beer Baron

    Hanging around in West Hollywood wearing a sleeveless shirt is not a way to improve your heterosexuality.

  6. We were sitting in Ritzy’s Bar when he proposed the idea; we’d spent an hour walking Sunset Boulevard, looking for Hassel. Ritzy’s Bar is the hoodlum bar of the streets around Sunset Boulevard; it changes names every year. You walk in there and you don’t see a single girl, even in the booths, just a great mob of young men dressed in all varieties of hoodlum cloth, from red shirts to zoot suits. It is also the hustlers’ bar—the boys who make a living among the sad old homos of the Melrose Avenue night. Joe walked in there with his eyes slitted to see every single face. There were wild Negro queers, sullen guys with guns, shiv-packing seamen, thin, noncommittal junkies, and an occasional well-dressed middle-aged detective, posing as a bookie and hanging around half for interest and half for duty. It was the typical place for Joe to put down his request. All kinds of evil plans are hatched in Ritzy’s Bar—you can sense it in the air—and all kinds of mad sexual routines are initiated to go with them. The safecracker proposes not only a certain loft on La Cienaga to the hoodlum, but that they sleep together. Kinsey spent a lot of time in Ritzy’s Bar, interviewing some of the boys…

  7. Excuse me, waitress…I ordered the tossed salad.

  8. I’m pretending I’m smoking this straw…Now you try to pretend you’re not gay!

  9. How cheeky… they turned the chair upside down before having a few drinks.

  10. Bionic_Crouton

    “Trust me… It’s not gay unless we make eye contact.”

  11. labeuf's beard

    awwww first date jitters?

  12. labeuf's beard

    he looks like just rolled out of bed…..oh wait….

  13. I know Elton John likes young dudes, but when did he get the tattoos?

  14. FINALLY PROOF!!! I knew he meeting with the DM on the DL.

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