1. catapostrophe

    Shepard Fairey wants everyone to know he’s into pop art.

  2. it had to be said

    “Shep, what did YOU think when I said we were all bringing our beards?”

  3. Pretentious assholes.

  4. cp3

    Something’s fruity about this picture. And I’m not talking about the banana.

  5. “The Kingdom Of Morocco Celebrates Summer With The Art Of Elysium” Another made up event for marginal celebrities to attend… well, except for David Arquette, that guy’s a real talent.

  6. BEP1

    Who Cares about these Nerds??????

  7. Looks like the 3 Doucheketeers are off on another merry adventure.

  8. Sheppy

    I would like it known on record, that THAT is not me.

  9. ChellaBella

    David Arquette is registering the same confusion we all have. “Why would you possibly be taking a photo of the three of us?”

  10. Beer Baron

    We three Douche of Orient are
    Bearing no talent we traverse afar
    Field and fountain, queer and bro-tan
    Following yonder star.

  11. The three guys that never have, nor ever will, grow up. ever.

  12. Statistically, 2 out of 3 gay men wear beards.

  13. Jman

    Loser, bamboozler, and schmoozer.

  14. lori

    I think they are all very nice looking.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    They weren’t invited. They just happened to be in the same neighborhood collecting cans.

  16. Don Draper's Dad

    The Kingdom Of Morocco Celebrates Irrelevance!

  17. Senor Trout

    I’m surprised that the Jonas brothers let their three bears be photographed together.

  18. EricLr

    They had a douchebag conference and John Mayer wasn’t invited?!?!?

  19. Buddy The Elf

    Pretty catchy title for an event.

  20. Art Crow

    Which one’s the tranny?

  21. Fairey should show the other two how to steal work, then they would have some.

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