1. It’s rude to snap photos while she’s asleep.

  2. Something tells me her real eyebrows are on the back of her head.

  3. Radar O'Reilly

    Carrot top got implants?!

  4. JimBB

    You can tell this is Photoshopped. She’s in sunlight and not bursting into flame.

  5. I actually *like* Kathy Griffin, but she’s really not doing herself any favors with all this knifework.

  6. The makeup people did a good job here.

  7. Ralph

    If you watched the show, you would see how her cheek implants stick out when she opens her mouth. Too Much Surgery.

  8. This is a great drunk test: Keep drinking until she looks hot!

  9. She’s like some kind of ginger Morticia.

  10. Ped

    Eeeeek! Who said Beetlejuice three times!!!!

  11. …i so would …seriously …i have a thing for her.

  12. Stretch Facestrong.

  13. Kathy Griffin can now get tons of work as a male Kathy Griffin impersonator.

  14. whatever

    born a boy but they accidentally chopped it off, that’s OK because s-he always wanted to be a queen anyway

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