1. “I swear, Shayna, it happened last night. Just give it 10 more minutes then we’ll bring out Jonah.”

  2. JimBB

    I’m telling you for the hundredth time, girl, elves don’t have belly buttons!

  3. “Do these abs make me look gay?”

  4. “No penis or nothin’”…just like Ryan.

  5. “Do you want to try and have sex? I’m semi-flaccid.”
    “No, I have better things to do than watch you push rope for thirty seconds.”

  6. jorge

    bitch it ain’t gonna suck itself!

  7. CK

    That makes two of ‘em.

  8. …shades of greg marmalard…

  9. “So let me get this straight–no pun intended–you want me to put this thing into that thing?”

  10. whatever

    he is looking at it in puzzled awe, ”i think it likes you”

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