1. “S’up, nigga?”
    “Ain’t nuttin to it.”

  2. I think she went to the Halle Berry school of crazy-hot.

  3. JimBB

    Headed back to the fishmarket?

  4. I would. She’d most likely kick my ass before, during and after, but hey, I got laid.

  5. She looks almost pleasant here. I assume it’s a trap.

  6. Wait, which one of the little guys in D2: Mighty Ducks was this?

  7. And we care about her because she’s a lezzi/bi swinger right? Seriously, is she the LGBT poster gal — why else is she relevant right now? There are hotter latina’s is this is about hot ass.

  8. She get’s hotter every time we see her.

  9. she’s so fucking HOT!

  10. Why does she always look like she needs a good power wash?

  11. Not looking gay at all.

  12. I’d like to fuck her and teach her how to wear a hat.

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