1. JimBB


  2. “Coming up, Jon Hamm is going to show us how he plays cricket without a bat.”

  3. JC

    Forget Hamm, I’m just excited to see Jennifer Love Hewitt’s younger, thinner, hotter niece.

  4. The pants that woman is wearing is fucking awful. she should take it off right now.

  5. “You can’t keep an Ionic column in your pants without the appropriate volutes.”

  6. And after the show, he fucked them BOTH.

  7. Veronika Larsson

    “Say hello TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!”


    “He’s not so little. Not at all.”

  8. “Sorry Jon, we don’t have any baby’s arms and we don’t have any apples. Will this do?”

  9. Hmm

    Holy shit, I thought it was Jennifer Love Hewitt, wow.

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