1. I don’t give a shit about his sexuality. Part of me thinks it’s great that for whatever reason, he was finally able to be honest with himself and his family about who he is.

    Those shoes, on the other hand. Ain’t no reason to put your family thru that shit.

    • Russell Mcjimmy, your epic takedown of Minaj’s anaconda was truly inspirational. Awesome. Are you a college professor of just a self educated literary genius? I seriously enjoyed that.

  2. I can’t get the image of him sashaying to Britney’s “Work bitch” all around town.

  3. JimBB

    He’s mad that Joe Jonas already has a manager.

  4. Poor Joe. Once again Lena Dunham won the “Who wore it best.”

  5. Hmm

    Only a matter of time before he becomes Joe Jonas’s “manager” or whatever the fuck cover they come up with.

  6. whatever

    another gross old queen

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