1. I miss the old days when hipster whites dudes came in just one flavor.

  2. Don Draper's Dad

    Wow. Rare is the photo that Fred Durst is the least douchenozzley of the people in it.

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    If Fish really wants to celebrate an anniversary, set up the first ever “The Superficial Road Trip” to Chateau Marmont for all the readers.

    (BTW, I get dibs on banging Paz De La Huerta over a urinal. Or using her as a urinal. Whatever.)

  4. Who is that, his protege?

    He’s like the Yoda of douche.

    “Turn your hat sideways you must”

  5. JimBB

    “Fred Durst at Chateau Marmont”

    …And here, kids, we see the North American Douchebag in his natural habitat.

  6. Wow, Flea is taller than I thought.

  7. He’d do anything for some nookie right now.

  8. “Do not be distracted by the beautiful celebrities…”

  9. Where do you guys get those hats with the bills over the ears like that? I got into all the city stores and the only ones I could find are the ones with the bills in the front.

  10. Move along, nothing to see – just a pair of total fucking dickheads, move along now.

  11. “When Loser Met Riff Raff”

  12. Hmm

    I love how Riff Raff is still such a loser that he can’t get a mention but Fred Durst does.

  13. bob

    This is a picture of Riff Raff, actually

  14. uhnananana

    They’d better not touch. Same matter cannot occupy same space.

  15. Nice grey flannel colored beard, bro.

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