1. Henry

    Is she trouty, ducky, what is it? Either way, they botched that nose job.

  2. Little Tongue

    Her nose looks like a tiny penis. Major turn off.

  3. The Brown Streak

    How ironic. I can’t recall any of her career after 7th Heaven.

  4. Mike

    I find this chick very fugly..I don’t get the big deal about her besides the fact that she is engaged to a douche..

  5. lily

    Her body is incredible. I think her face is very pretty too, although there is something off about the nose

  6. The Pope

    When I blink, I’d swear she had a mustache. But when I stare at her, it’s not there.

  7. vgrly

    She’s so boring but has a nice ass that’s for sure.

  8. mike

    WHAT THE PHUCK is wrong with her upper lip??? IT looks like a flattened sausage, NOT a good look..not all women NEED or look good with giant lips, sometimes little lips can be really cute too..lay off the coolagen! and her nose is fucked up.

    • Carla

      Exactly. Looks to me like filler abuse. She looks kind of special, with here rounded cheeks and super-inflated lips. And just a couple of months ago she was looking just fine.

    • Blech

      These talented actresses want to appear dick friendly. Full lips offer that extra cushiony feel, sort of like what quilted Northern toilet paper does for your ass?
      No need to thank me.

  9. anonym

    the effects of plastic surgery are starting to show.

    and she should get out of the sun more. That skin is looking haggard

  10. anonym

    oh yeah, and her marriage won’t last more than a few years.

    she does seem fucking boring as shit.

    She’s highly overrated. I don’t understand why directors keep hiring her. Must be those dicksucking lips.

    • Who are you, fucking Nostradamus? How do you know her marriage won’t last? How do you know she’s boring? Have you never met someone who was simply a kick in the ass to be with, regardless of his/her looks? Oops…I almost forgot I am speaking to a judge.

  11. Pros: Finally brushed her horrid bang-fringe — that made me want to scratch out my own eyes in blinky empathy every time I saw it — to the side. Can appreciate that this hair color looks good on her now that I am not wasting all my energy being mad at the fringe.

    Cons: Now cannot breathe due to dealing with the empathetic weight of a thousand little pearls on my lungs.

  12. Fishballs

    Jessica Biel psychically commands me to eat her butthole with a spoon.

  13. Backlash Forward

    She has a killer figure no doubt. But her face. She’s just not aging well. Her face already looks 5-6 years older than she is.

  14. She’s fucking sexy.

  15. nutterbutter

    Justin gave her a nice pearl necklace. Those earrings must have been difficult…

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