1. richie

    easily the most beautiful woman in the world

  2. DeucePickle

    Donkey boner !

  3. The Brown Streak

    The great thing about being a big breasted woman, you can always stop the elevator doors from closing just in time!

  4. cc

    Does her necklace say ‘irinaample’?

  5. lily

    sultry and sexy! she sure doesnt look this good in candids though with those botched lips

  6. Perplexity

    Image locked and loaded into long term memory. Your name is now Michelle and your will be playing the role of lonely neighbor in my sleeping subconscious for the foreseeable future.

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    This is what I wanted to meet me at the door when I delivered pizzas.

  8. Joaquin ingles

    WTF… So that’s why I used to think this chick was Adrianna Lima v 2.0 and now… Not so much.

  9. mrsmass

    this is beyond photoshopped. doesn’t even look like a real person.

  10. me

    the bra looks a little too big. Maybe I’ve been wearing mine wrong this entire time

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