1. She finally found her “Stretch so I don’t look decrepit” pose…

  2. Bigalkie

    Where’s Jedward?

  3. She just saw that Wayne Newton picture and realized she isn’t the *worst* plastic surgery victim in the world.

    • squishy

      But on the realization that they shared the same surgeon she rethought her glee…took out her pocket mirror and….

  4. Backlash Forward

    I’m not sure what exactly she wants us to look at.

  5. Little Tongue

    “I’m not druuuuuuunk! I’m just haaaaaappy!”

  6. lily

    an example of a woman who should NEVER wear anything more revealing…looks relatively good here, but get her in a swimsuit and its a nightmare to look at

  7. Frank The Duck

    “Peeing in your pants give such a lovely warm start to the day..”

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    After crop dusting the people on the curb in her farts, Janice displays an evil grin and seeks out her next victim.

  9. Phoenix

    Trying as hard as possible to feel the warmth of the sun on her face.

  10. El Jefe

    Anticipating a golden shower?

  11. ri

    “fine I will take your picture but you have to cock your head back so we don’t have to see that face”

  12. She’s clearly exhibiting at least three of the classic signs of a stroke. Did she make it to the hospital on time?

  13. lala

    She had that one “reality” show about her modeling agency or something a few years back… and whenever I saw her on screen, I spent the whole time trying to figure out whether she was a transvestite. I still haven’t reached a solid conclusion

  14. That’s the trouble when airbags go off. Your head snaps back.

  15. She found an angle that works for her.

  16. Final scene of Death Becomes Her – you’re doing it uncannily right.

  17. I just love to feel the sun against my plastic!

  18. “Oh gosh, you guys. You are so BAD. Of course my boobies are real…”

  19. newly blind

    When she puts her head back like that it means she wants her feedbag.

  20. Blech

    And… she just sprained her ankle.

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