1. She is doing the “WTF!” warning….I would be very careful after this.
    I suspect this bitch knows how to swing a tire iron.

  2. SIN

    Even when she is pisses at the papparazzi, those tits still look great.

  3. Cookie

    Maybe she’s getting Depardieu-ed.

  4. award winning side boobage.

  5. Someone pay that kid to pull mom’s shirt down a little more.

  6. Colin

    “Yeah, my tit’s half out! Whatchu gonna do about it? Huh? HUH!?”

  7. PoorMaryKelly

    That kid looks like she’s about to fucking attack!

  8. She can’t believe that there are Paps all over the place in L.A. taking pictures of famous people in public.

  9. The Brown Streak

    What? You never seen a skinny black woman without a bra? Oh! Really? You haven’t?

  10. Alex

    “Aw, hell nah mafucker! Jus’ ’cause I be fucking crackers don’t mean I ain’t go all ghetto. I am black, bitch! Here, hold ‘dis child and my gold teefes!”

  11. swearin

    “Hey, these belong to ME! Here’s a preview; if you wanna see them both, go rent Swordfish”, said the baby.

  12. peepee

    “Milk, milk, lemonade…”

  13. dontkillthemessenger

    I can’t figure out who’s more frightening in this picture, Anton Chigur or the multiracial Child of the Corn?

  14. monkeyspank

    They should get that kid to do the E-trade commercials.

  15. HEY!!! Did you pay me for that picture? You want me to fuk you up?

  16. She’s virtually incapable of being non-hot.

  17. Shorty80

    You want me to get back in this car and run you down? ‘Cuz I’m good at that, muthafucka.

  18. Steelerchick

    The kid just flipped the camera guy the bird!!

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