1. TomFrank

    “Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Volume 2.” I’d be impressed if I didn’t suspect that it came in a gift bag.

  2. How cute. Somebody still buys CD’s.

  3. PoorMaryKelly

    I guess she’s not pregnant anymore.

  4. Her chins’ enormous mass is creating a black hole and starting to suck her entire face into itself

  5. The Brown Streak

    How many times do I have to say…NOT IN THE EYE!

  6. Fuck the trout pout. The trout gulp is where it’s at.

  7. Frank The Duck

    God I’m so loaded I can’t even pick my nose…

  8. tlmck

    Good girl. Stay covered up like that. Nobody wants to see what’s underneath.

  9. GuidotheRed

    Look out! She’s unhinging her jaw to deploy The Mandible of Doom!

  10. Pod people call FAIL, Reese. You’re not supposed to point at yourself.

  11. MammaMia

    for once her chin isn’t dominating the picture….

  12. Coco

    She should make that expression all the time. Her chin looks much more proportionate now.

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