1. DYI Abortion Kit

    Step 1 : Sucker punch

  2. If I were ever fortunate enough to brush against her, I would need the jaws of life to get my boxers off later that night.

  3. Michael D

    This pic is begging to be posted up on Friend Zone Fiona

    • Arzach

      LOL , poor bastard, been on Bar’s “Friend Zone” has to be worst than hell, and it will give you the bluest balls of them all

  4. hbw

    Fisting: You’re doing it wrong.

  5. $20 says he’s a gym teacher from Queens.

  6. peepee

    Is he attempting a vag punch?

  7. I thought Michael Lohan’s signature move was a kick to the box, not a punch…

  8. Just wait until he fiinds out that even PRETENDING to punch Bar Refaeli is a federal offense in Israel, and now the Mossad is after his ass.

  9. Very unusual bulimia methodology. Guess she doesn’t like shoving her fingers down her throat.

  10. Coco

    I can’t believe I’m look at anything other than her, but is that guy wearing a half shirt?

  11. Studley Hungwell

    When did she start dating Chris Brown?

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