1. How’d Whoopi sneak in?

  2. Richard McBeef

    He got see and touch his first black person on the same day.

    • Fester

      Charles: (whispering) “I know you don’t think you’re good enough for me but trust me, you are. Hell, I”ve done it with pigs… REAL honest to god pigs.”

  3. PoorMaryKelly

    Try and pull that shit with his mother and see what happens. It may not be done in public anymore but you know that bitch is still cutting off heads.

  4. Prince Charles meeting with victims of the recent laugh riots in London.

  5. Barnaby Fizzlesticks III

    “Oh, yes, yes…dear peasant…guards! Guards! Remove the peasant from my person, forthright. Chip-cheerio!”

  6. GuyLeDouche


  7. “Good God, Camilla, is that you? Have you been eating those blasted crayfish again?”

  8. British victims are eerily cheerful.

  9. You missed a word. Recent “race” riots… It is all poor “disenfranchised” ethnic groups… Wah wah wah wah…. Fuck the lot of them!!

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