1. Lovely, just lovely…

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    Goddamn I would wreck her.

  3. Joe

    Kate Upton < Kelly Brook.

  4. kelly

    She might just go the way of Jessica Simpson.

  5. Crissy

    Now, that an ass!

  6. Leo

    In related news, Samsung Galaxy Note can kiss my ass.

  7. Anonymous

    “Note the new way”? By the way Kate Upton’s showing her ass, anal must be the new missionary position.

  8. Cock Dr

    The anorexics hate her too.
    This helps balance out some of the rough shit being served up today on CWM.

  9. Frunken

    That’s a face only Billy Ray Cyrus could love.

  10. Brit

    I swear that right now, some nerd somewhere is working on an Android app that can cause a wardrobe malfunction from 20 feet.

  11. I would totally wreck that shit yo.

  12. lily

    sorry, just don’t get her appeal. cute at best.

  13. She’s beautifully curvy. I agree, though- she has to be careful not to go near Jessica Simpson territory. That would be a shame!

  14. I-I-I…l-l-love…h-h-her! *drool*

  15. Beaver Underground

    That dress is begging me to unzip it.

  16. The things I want to do to this woman. I’m gonna wear that ass out. She’d have to call the police to get me off of her ass.

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