1. A good ole fashioned game of Derp Ball

  2. “If I can’t be ‘skins’ then I’m not even going to try!”

  3. “And once you have her head cradled firmly in your hands, you thrust forward until she gags. Then just keep doin that until you nut.”

  4. Johnny P!

    Five seconds after the pic was taken, he worked up a sweat and his t-shirt evaporated…

  5. your mom

    seen here reenacting his son’s birth…

  6. Anonymous

    He’s not so buffed looking when he actually wears clothing like the rest of humanity.

  7. Jill

    I once read an article (maybe not the right word, but anyway) about how he has freakishly stubby arms and now, every picture I see of him, that’s all I see.

  8. Real men remove their own hemorrhoids

  9. The Pope

    Well he’s obviously right-handed. And lonely.

  10. CK

    I’m thinking of a joke about ‘small balls’, and can’t stop laughing to type it…

  11. RisingDragonFist

    Wait, I think I saw a woman in a Thai bar pull this trick off once using a tennis ball and a catfish with a glass bottle of coke hanging out of her ass
    Miss you grandma :(

  12. And now that ball is expecting tis first with Mr. McConaughey

  13. Georgia

    He’s promoting a brand of hygiene products? What, Adrien Grenier was busy?

  14. “That’s what I love about these high school punchballs, man. I get older, they stay the same size.”

  15. lisa

    What a wanker! Everything “you don’t want to be” is exemplified by this twit.

  16. “And for my first trick, I’m gonna fuck this.”

  17. He had that one short hop to regain his balance…I give him a 6.0.

  18. “I think McConaughey is calling an audible at the line of scrimmage…This poor bastard has been smoking entirely too much dope…” {heard in the background} “Blue 33…Blue 33…hut…hut-hut-hut…hut…”

  19. tlmck

    As I always suspected.

  20. EricLr

    I bet he could look laid-back even if he was being waterboarded.

  21. Little Tongue

    Before I scrolled down, I thought he was playing them bongos again.

  22. “Rubber … ball …. is ….. heavy ….”

  23. Anybody up for a game of Nerd Ball?

  24. Double D

    “Ahl-rite! Ahl-rite! So we were filming Magic Mike, alh-right. And the way Chan-man was dancing, I just had to grab his junk, ahl-right. And hand to God, the dude had one ball. Not two. One biggun, just like this, ahl-right. And I said, ‘Chan! The way I count, that done makes you a chick!’ Ahl-rite!”

  25. JungleRed

    “I miss you, Lance.”

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