1. Frank Burns

    Looks like she borrowed Buffalo Bill’s skinsuit.

  2. JC

    I didn’t even know a person could have hip abs.

  3. kelly

    Nice cans for a skinny girl. I’ll take two, please.

  4. Mr Smap Beav Sr

    Who stuck the 2 puff pastries on this thing

  5. Who's your mama

    Disgusting pecs.

  6. DeucePickle

    Wow, her pelvis has a six pack.

  7. Billy Barty, Jr

    Move over , Cat Woman, there’s a new plastic surgery object lesson in town

  8. alex

    About 4-5 inches above her belly button, you can see where she just ate an almond.

  9. Pine Table Fever

    She looks like Jim Lee drew her.

  10. lily

    shes cute! great body (minus the fake tatas)

  11. mean_gurl

    melted plastic.

  12. “I’m sorry, Ms. Hawkins, but as a doctor, it’s against my code of ethics to needlessly remove one of your ribs.”

    “Then how about moving the rib down to my hips?”

    “Hmm. Well…if I did that, I guess I wouldn’t be removing anything. Okay.”

  13. dexter


    - she’s miss universe 2004
    - timely wardrobe malfunction 2009
    - ex cheerleader for an australian rubgy team

    you owe her your allegience

  14. She is fucking beautiful. You people need to have your eyes checked. Or maybe there’s something wrong with your perception of things. Schizophrenia, anyone?

  15. cam

    She is trying to achieve that shapeless ‘teen’ body when shes a woman of over 25 and should embrace her curves. Only girls have no hips or butts – women have more curves.

    • cam

      Modelling is a nasty industry and she has been pressured to have certain procedures done. She should just say ‘f*ck you’ a-la Kate Moss and leave her imperfections as they were instead of trying to turn herself into a generic barbie

  16. Beaver Underground

    Wanted to write she looks good for 40. Then I checked, she’s 29. What… The… Fuck!

  17. She’s perfect. She obviously takes good care of her body.

  18. tlmck

    Not bad from the neck up.

  19. Persistent Cat

    She looks so worn.

  20. Evangelista

    Honestly, TOO skinny!!!

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