1. Billebuoy

    What is it with all the losers showing up at the premiers of the Expendables 2?!
    Aside from Chuck Norris, of course.

  2. Anthony

    There are so many people that feel they don’t need to give their legs a workout, has anyone else noticed that?

    • Anonymous

      It’s the same weird concept that the more buff a man gets the tighter and gayer he wears his clothing.

  3. Hello there, pinhead.

  4. Colin

    I’m pretty sure this was just a practical joke to get him next to the word expendable.

  5. What exactly is the point of getting so buff when you carry around a man purse with you?

  6. sofa king


  7. your mom

    From the waist up, a grown man complete with pecs and biceps. From the waist down, a 12 year old boy. Did Sandusky order this??

  8. Crissy

    Why they though inviting The Situation too this event was a good idea in BEYOND me!!!

  9. Pretty much everything in this photo is expendable.

  10. Gertsbane

    Who is he trying to fool-Mr. Peanut, we know that’s you on Joey’s shirt, your disguise blows.

  11. did somebody sew those jeans on him?

  12. I don’t think he’s into pole smoking YET, but he keeps working really hard against said belief.

  13. Patch

    wow Ricky Martin looks even gayer… wait, what’s the you say? Oh, Joey Lawrence just looks REALLY gay.

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    He was actually there to see Magic Mike.

  15. douchiest skinny jeans EVAH!

  16. Awww. He really thinks he has a shot at Expendables 3 in two years.

  17. This guy, Richard Grieco, Jared Leto, and the gang are getting it all together for a speed circle jerk. I predict a 7-way tie for last place.

  18. tlmck

    i wonder if there is a tiny leather spiked collar on the other end of that chain?

  19. Persistent Cat

    Wow! A stupid hat, v-neck t-shirt, a chain on his belt, skinny jeans and boots in August and he doesn’t have sleeve tattoos. I’m confused.

  20. EricLr

    No one has the heart to tell him that he was a cute kid actor in the 80′s–not an action star.

  21. Joaquin ingles

    And here we all thought he was a complete twit years ago…

  22. Ass Wort

    Give it up bozo

  23. Sue

    why is Mr Peanut on his shirt? Is he trying to tell us he has tiny testicles? I think we can tell my the tightness of his pants.

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