1. DeucePickle

    You never hear Fish talk about how this guy looks pregnant…and he looks like he’s about to have twins.

  2. Now, push…PUSH…the baby is almost out, Mr. Morgan!

  3. anonym

    he needs to stop showing his ugly ass fat belly.
    shit is disgusting to look at.

  4. Contusion

    He’s even got stretch marks.

  5. Remember when there were boundaries?

  6. There goes the luckiest man in show business

  7. CK

    Apple had Ellen Feiss for a while. Samsung’s got this.

  8. Ollie


    Would not touch. Scream!

  9. vgrly

    Pregnant man part deux.

  10. cc

    Apple’s shares rose sharply in trading today…

  11. This picture is a wake-up call for me to get to the gym. It’s like I’m looking into a tinted mirror.

  12. Hate Mongrel

    I thought Gary Coleman died years ago.

  13. puddleduck

    If his water breaks, she’s in big trouble.

  14. “We were going to get separated shortly after birth, but then we decided if we stay stuck together we’ll both always have a date.”

  15. Carolyn

    He’s ugly and unfunny.

  16. tlmck

    “Oh Rahchester…”

  17. Persistent Cat

    I guess someone finally took him behind the middle school and got him pregnant.

  18. killer.lizz

    what is it with this guy and showing off his booze-baby bump? he’s like 13 months pregnant at this point

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