1. CK

    Yeah I hate when my printer runs out of one color of ink, too.

  2. “So, I just kicked in the door, cracked the kidnapper’s skull with my forearm, untied the girl, and carried her and the wounded police detective to safety. ”

    “Was it embarrassing when your nipple popped out?”

  3. OMG! Insider breaking the story of Heidi Klum’s kidnapped child:

    “Heidi, is that a photo of your daughter? When was the last time you spoke with her? And who are you wearing? Who do you think is dreamier, George Clooney or Brad Pitt? If you could steal a smooch from anyone alive or dead–besides your daughter– who would it be? Do you think Selena and Justin are soulmates or is he too much of a bad boy?”

  4. “She is OUT!”

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