1. Forget Ducks Unlimited, THIS should be our next postage stamp.

  2. Echo5

    No Jen, I was asking if *I* could hose ur ass… nah, you know what? Let me just pull up a chair. Proceed.

  3. Josephus

    No joke here, just an honest question…what is the attraction of tattoos, both for the tattooed person and the viewer? Here we have one of nature’s most beautiful natural occurrences – an ass being hosed off – and all I can see is the bird-like creature emerging from her crack. Inexplicable.

    • CK

      I have no f’in clue. It’s like scribbling magic marker on the Mona Lisa.

    • Trek Girl

      I don’t know. There are a lot of people for whom tattoos make sense and even look right, but on most people they just seem misplaced. JNL is of the latter group.
      The tattoos just look odd and take away from what is actually a really nice physique. You are so correct about her rear end, too. That stamp takes away from the shape that her rear end has. It’s a shame.

    • JC

      I’d say in a lot* of cases, it’s a half-assed show of rebellion, made more pathetic by the fact that tattoos aren’t even considered particularly counter-culture anymore, except in cases where the person is stupid enough to get get face/neck/hand tats.

      *I say a lot to allow that, in some cases, it’s actually culturally meaningful. It ain’t that in the U.S.

    • For some people, it’s a meaningful work of art. For others, like her, it’s the ‘I’m so edgy’ factor. There is a difference between well-done tattoos with deep meaning for the possessor, and tramp stamp/random pop art shit. Sadly there is more of the latter than the former.

    • exactly my thought, she has an amazing body, why the trashy tattoos?

  4. EricLR

    The Hamptons are so classy.

  5. She never puts shit like this on her instagram, as big of a dick tease that she is

  6. God damn Photo Boy. You’re firing on all cylinders so far. JNL is so fucking sexy.

  7. Skeeter

    I’d like to swoop in there and eat her asshole.

  8. Hose for hoes

  9. Too much spicy food – the morning after.

  10. I love this picture!

  11. why even wear the bikini? just walk around naked already!

  12. A spectacular sight.

  13. “We were just kidding! This was NEVER Corey Feldman’s house!”

  14. A thank you card just went out in the mail……to her splendid ass!

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