1. I'mCool

    “Nope, got my jacket, my other jacket, my weed bag, my other weed bag and my chains. So why do I feel like there’s something I forgot to do before I left the house this morning?”

  2. If he keeps changing his name, people are just going to go back to calling him Calvin.

  3. A shower cap and a purse? Is this what they mean by the DL?

  4. They have weed in Greece?

  5. Greece to do list:
    1. Find weed
    2. Smoke weed
    3. Repeat

  6. Jenn

    So after this trip is he going to back to his canine roots, maybe Snoop Kyon? Whattupdawg, love the wave cap.

  7. Andie

    They do now, JimJam!

  8. “Is there a shower around?” Anywhere.

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