1. BP

    I think I can f*ck her!

  2. That makes four women I consider to be physical perfection in TCWM today.

  3. ultra

    “that’s not my bellybutton.”

  4. angerinside

    I swear to God if the bungie cord on the back of her neck suddenly lets go she’s gonna lose about 11 teeth.

  5. Come on! I thought the thumbnail was Elle Fanning. Heather really is a vampire, isn’t she?

  6. crb


  7. that is one wonderful Wiccan I would love to go all the way with in a pledging of the handfast.

  8. I wonder if her right breast is a lovely as the left…

  9. Ken

    I know it’s a big city but I never see any of these people.
    Well, I said ‘Hi’ to Bruce Greenwood on the sea wall once. He’s aging gracefully as well but he doesn’t have smokin’ breasts.

  10. Andie

    I want to know what her secret is. She should market it, whatever it is. I’d buy that shit.

  11. Timeless/ageless boobs.

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