Shit.. No strong gust of wind yet…

  2. This is the plainest I’ve ever seen her look and she’s still perfect. I’ll take both her and Carmen.

  3. hamina hamina hamina

  4. One of her weaker efforts. I mean, I’m still masturbating, but not furiously. Not furiously.

  5. Sorry, aside from the body, she’s very much a Plain Jane, even with makeup. There are far prettier girls in Hollywood, I don’t get the Sup obsession over her.

  6. tlmck

    Nah. That’s just my brother’s girlfriend pretending to be Kelly Brook again.

  7. Will fap anytime anywhere.

  8. Not her best look but definitely showing that makeup/dress/etc make a substantial difference which guys don’t ‘notice’.

    But they do.

    And so do we. (Women – just saying… I hope??? Yup the elks and the mustangs and the racoon might move in. A toad just joined me…)

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