1. Douche, Douche, Douche, and Earl
    Douche Douche, Douche and Earl

  2. BP

    What are serious NBA Ballers doing with this punk a** muthaf**a!

  3. EricLR


  4. Urbanspaceman

    Why don’t any of his boyz have their pants pulled down? Ohhh…

  5. Those are some great sprayed on abs, Justin.

  6. Please God, let someone introduce him to heroin.

  7. CK

    (puts envelope to forehead)
    “James Bond, Al Bundy, Gomez Addams.”
    (opens envelope)
    “Name three men who would never wear their pants like that douche justin bieber.”

  8. JW

    It’s the poster for Tyler Perry’s remake of Three Men and a Little Lady.

  9. JC

    Will Wheaton’s trying to go for a badass look, huh?

  10. Beer Baron

    Big fuckin’ millionaire dorks.

  11. Visible Name

    It’s so nice for Kevin Durant and Tyson Chandler to take some time from their busy schedules to participate in the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  12. Spleen

    Ground control to Major Douche.

  13. Durant looks like he might explode from the excitement of getting a photo with the Biebs.

  14. AWOL

    Shades of Douche

  15. Oz Matters

    Justin apparent needs three beards.

  16. You can tell they’re not fans. Justin isn’t spitting on them or air raping them.

  17. Jade

    Would any of those grown men hang out with that boy if they weren’t paid to?

  18. Codot

    “Soon as that camera’s gone, I say we rob this nutty bitch.”

  19. Selena, I hired these black men to take a photo with me. Gangsta shit, right? Can I put my penis in you again?

  20. Dish

    I don’t know what is going on, but even Justin’s ab/nip situation is giving a skeptical look.

  21. Same stupid dumb shit douche look on his face, as usual.

  22. Two black guys and two white guys, and the only one with his pants sagging down his ass is the whitest of the white. I get the feeling that once they get Bieber all gangsta’d out, the gangbangers are going to start dressing like the Beach Boys and leave Biebs hanging in the wind.

  23. WhyYouHatin

    The One guy to his right is a Pastor from NYC.

  24. Is this the cover of Bieber’s next album, “Straight As A Rainbow”?

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