1. You might think this is a pretentious display on her part but really she’s just protecting the people from her nipples should cold water get on them..

  2. When Tim was a young boy, he had a dream. “Mom”, Tim said, “One day I want to dress like Don Johnson and hold an umbrella to keep a celebrity from getting wet without getting in the photo”.

    Today, Tim was heard to say “This is for you Mom…this is for you”

  3. Batu Khan

    Raise that umbrella higher! My ego’s still getting wet.

  4. EricLR

    Hah! Gwyneth Paltrow’s people follow her around with a full tent, made of 2000-thread-count lilac-scented Italian linen

  5. Not seen in shot, Jennifer’s “rain man.”

  6. “*Sigh* I thought things would be different after I retired from the Marines.”

  7. So this is what Wil Forte’s been doing since leaving SNL?

  8. “Pregnant lady keeping dry over here. I’m holding this umbrella to keep a pregnant lady from getting wet. You could say I’m pregnant with kindness like she is pregnant with a kid. Two people are in the vicinity of this umbrella and one of them is pregnant and dry; and I’m a wet dude. PeterPiperPickedAPregnant lady”

  9. crb

    Nope, I’m not moving it. According to Cameraman Dan back here, he’s got people trying to spit on you from as far away as Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Not that a broadside of artillery-grade spitbombs will fill the space where your soul is supposed to be, mind you.

  10. fred

    4 years at Harvard, 2 years at Wharton, an internship at Goldman, and I chuck it all to move to Hollywood, work in a mail room and hold an umbrella to keep this bitch from squawking about getting wet. Right now, at this very moment, I just realized that I fucked up.

  11. Umbrella guy sheltering Jennifer Aniston AND her ego from the rain.

  12. catapostrophe

    Dry lesbian alert!

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