1. “Hey buddy…
    I’m sorry I haven’t taken any pictures of you in the last few minutes..
    The wife says to cut it out…
    I know… I know…
    OK just this once more…”

  2. “You’ve ruined me…”

  3. I do not get why this guy even gets press; he’s a piece of shit.

    • JC

      It’s the dick pics, or more accurately, his unwillingness to stop with the dick pics. And the fact that he’s running for NYC mayor with a stunning 80% disapproval rating. That’s not an easy number to hit.

  4. For the first time in his life, Anthony Weiner is not happy with the way a poll is looking.

  5. BP

    Screech for Mayor!

  6. “the Museum of Tolerance”

    I would burst into flames and begin laughing like a maniac at the same time if I walked into this place

  7. Minky Wail

    He looks flaccid.

  8. CK

    “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Anthony.”

  9. JW

    I’m sorry sir, the latest headline reads “Weiner Goes Limp in Polls”.

  10. Batu Khan

    Weiner, quietly: Already two likes for my latest picture post. ‘wipes single tear from eye’
    People in the audience: He really has changed. I’ll vote for him!

  11. Screech for Mayor!

  12. Staring at his namesake, wondering where it all went wrong?

    It was the cock pics. Definitely had to be the cock pics.

  13. “Why can’t I quit you?”

  14. Codot

    “Soon, penis – Soon I will feed you the world.”

  15. it’s fairly impressive to see 10 folds of wrinkles in a forehead–8 is the threshold for stressed out.

  16. fred

    No, no, he’s just going through the DTs. He hasn’t sent a text in 3 days, 14 hours and 36 minutes. He’ll be fine.

  17. that Weiner is looking like beat meat

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