1. I'mCool

    They’re remaking King Kong again already?

  2. Paris Hilton’s dream sequence finale…dancing in a waterfall of semen.

  3. Josephus

    This was the original ending of “One Night in Paris,” but Rick Solomon couldn’t hold out.

  4. YadaYada

    Will this tide of jizz please carry her away … she sucks.

  5. Batu Khan

    Note to organizers: Next time more foam! We can still see her face.

  6. Maybe if it was bleach foam…

  7. BP

    Is Shaq in Ibiza?

  8. Wow! That kind of load would have killed a NORMAL whore!

  9. alex

    Everything she does looks phony. “Everyone look how much fun I’m having!”

  10. asdf

    You know, it’s not even necessary to try to caption this. It just captions itself.

  11. She’s no stranger to drowning in a gooey white liquid.

  12. What was that I just went through?
    Hsaw Erohwemaf
    Is that Japanese?
    No, it’s ‘Famewhore Wash’ spelled backwards.

  13. SupaDupa

    Now everyone has herpes…Well done, club…

  14. “Stay in school kids!”

  15. AWOL

    Step one of the delousing process.
    Only 665 steps to go.

  16. crb

    Nope. Not even all the soap in Spain can wash the whore off Paris.

    Not if Tyler Durden himself rendered her down and made soap exclusively from her adipose tailings.

    Even the CDC’s Top Secret labs in Plum Island, New York haven’t figured out a way to disinfect that monstrosity.

  17. …just go the fuck away, please.

  18. Squirthurt

    “HMM, Maybe I do like black guys after all.”

  19. Bringing back the time she had to shower while in jail.

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