1. Snookie heard it was a dog wash for charity, and immediately bathed J-Woww.

  2. Josephus

    So the dogs do the washing? How does this work?

  3. Really tragic if you ask me. Poor girl can’t even squat without predetermined motions occurring and making that face.

  4. EricLR

    That dog would chew off its own leg to get away if it had to.

  5. Stop it, JWOW. You’ve had much worse splash across your face than dog water.

  6. Snooki: “You need to use a bigger pool. My dog stopped squirming around about 10 minutes ago!”

  7. The tattoo goes real well with the mom jeans.

  8. bergie

    “You just crouch down, do like this and it’s almost like working for MTV again”

    “Right, that part I know, but what do I do about this flat ass?”

    “Surgery. Lots of it. Trust me, I know.”

  9. CK

    That’s not charity, that’s their full-time job.

  10. ultra

    snooki doesn’t have a dick, she just looks like she has a dick. honest mistake.

  11. JC

    “OOOoohhhh, I like how it feels going in, but it’s even better coming back out!”

  12. If it’s a dog wash, shouldn’t they be washing Snooki and JWoww?

  13. Kel

    Snooki looks like a 32 year old grandmother who is living vicariously through her daughter’s sex life.

  14. “All this soap and water… I am SO not used to this!”

  15. JWoww: “My dick has become untucked!”

  16. JWoWW felt a hot splash on her face and instinct took over. She latched onto the crotch of Snooki’s pants and had to be pried off using the jaws of life.

  17. “Hey JWoww, come with me I have a job for you… What are you doing? Close your mouth!”

  18. Jenn

    “You’re next bitch.”
    So appropriate on so many levels.

  19. fred

    So, Snooki got skinny and turned into Tan Mom?

  20. “Snooki, it’s not your turn yet. This dog was ahead of you.”

  21. …so, when a female has a kid, does a delivery man automatically show up at their door with a supply of mom jeans, or, do you have a hormonal reaction that causes you to go out and buy them yourself?

  22. The reason behind J. Wow’s look: “Whoaaaaaaaaa Snooki! Is that your pussy that smells? The dog smells better than that!”

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