1. When did James Caan die?

  2. Kahhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn!

  3. Heywood Jablomie

    Come at me Mickey Rourke.

  4. Jimmy, you should know better than to get out of your car at a toll booth.

  5. Swearin

    He just recovered that shirt from a storage room at the Playboy Mansion

  6. Hmm

    He looks like he and Kieffer Sutherland are best friends.

  7. I’d still choose him over Scott

  8. You can always tell when he’s drinking again because he stops getting jobs. Notoriously difficult drunk.

  9. I’ve never seen anyone wearing pants to match the parking lot.

  10. wayner

    Your move Nick Nolte

  11. JimBB

    About time they made another Austin Powers movie.

  12. Pumpkin

    Is he wearing a shirt that he made out of his drapes or bedspread from the ’70s. He must have been watching “The Sound of Music” and got inspired to make himself some cute play clothes.

    I also heard that he’s a real SOB.

  13. Spleen

    Look how they massacred my boy.

  14. No James Caan’t.

  15. whatever

    is he gay?

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