1. brick

    Holy Wayne’s dad?

  2. abbycakes

    “Hello there young lady. Would you like to hear about wormholes?”

  3. One upping Corey Feldman. Again.

  4. DatAzz

    Twins, Basil! TWINS!

  5. Cock Dr

    I’m not gonna watch that tape.
    I’ll read McFeely’s review though. Could be funny.

  6. Swearin

    He’s just going to want 3 more an hour later.

  7. Saw the video on TMZ and he was totally hitting on them. He may not be able to arouse them with his physical prowess but damn it if he can’t narrate them to orgasm.

  8. cajunhawk

    And it was then that Morgan Freeman was faced with one of life’s great dilemmas…do you take home 3 Asian women or do you go home empty handed. As Andy Dufrane once told me…you either get busy with 3 Asian women…or you get busy dying.

  9. “So many granddaughters, so little time.”

  10. “My granddaughter is the same age as you…But you’re a better kisser.”

  11. “No, no, no, my little jade gem, let me love YOU long time.”

  12. Surgical gloves?!? If I met three attractive young women on the street and the first thing I did was glove up, they’d call the cops!

  13. CT

    soul brother too beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. “You thought *we* all looked the same? We think the same thing about you people!”

  15. Matt

    Its a known fact that Asians love black men.

  16. Flatliner

    It’s not often you’ll see a photo of four people smiling and not one is showing any teeth.

  17. (voice over) “I never did see my friend Andy after leaving Shawshank. Then again,I was buried so deep in Asian tail, I really didn’t give a shit.”

  18. I would fuck all 3 of them. I love Asian chicks.

  19. tlmck

    I’d have to pass on the one in turquoise.

  20. ols

    *snaps on medical gloves* Trust me, I’m a gynecologist.

  21. Phoenix

    “No, no. Asian men MUUUUUCH different.”

  22. “Dave, grab a few cameras, still and video. I have a feeling this is going to be good!”

  23. “Come with me, girls. We can work on our recipe for kung pow pussy.”

  24. Snap, Crackle, and Pop.
    ‘Oh my, that is adorable – are those your nicknames?’
    ‘…no, that’s what will happen to your cock a few days after you’ve banged the three of us. Just a warning.’

  25. sassypantsgrrr

    I make that same face too when I get the shocker

  26. “Ladies, I’m about to give you Big Trouble in your Little Vaginas.”

  27. Mike Walker

    Très beaucoup! Très beaucoup!!!

  28. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    West Hollywood? Which one is the Transsexual?

  29. whatever

    Creepy when an actor seems like such a nice guy, but really obviously is a total creep, not just by this photo…

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