1. DJ Slash on the wheels of steel

  2. Michael

    You sure this isn’t Steven Tyler?

    Otherwise, Rodriguez aged BADLY!

  3. yourmom

    must be checking out Paris’ set.

  4. She must have just seen that picture of Jon Hamm’s penis

  5. Swearin

    I think she just realizedwho else Zac and Cara have been sleeping with

  6. Howard Stern’s age is finally starting to catch up with him.

  7. Hmm

    “Dammit, I pretended to be in a relationship for Zac so people stopped saying he was gay and now dudes won’t stop texting me dick pics”

  8. Joe

    The exact moment she realized she agreed to do Machete right after Avatar.

  9. Danny Trejo looks weird without his mustache.

  10. THIS is what Justin Bieber sounds like?

  11. She’s on the other end of the Paris Hilton DJ headphone feed.

  12. I didn’t know Mapplethorpe made an audio book.

  13. “Oh come on, baby. I’m a grower not a show-er.”

  14. ols

    We all celebrate Shart Week in our own ways.

  15. “Hey, asshole, you promised not to cum in my mouth.”

  16. RichPort

    The audio of a blowjob marathon is apparently more disturbing than one was led to believe…

  17. Me

    Looks like a “Lie to me” example….

  18. whatever

    yeah, she’s been dating a guy this summer, doesn’t look too happy about it…


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