1. turns out polka dots dont slim down crazy

  2. “Sometimes I run, sometimes I look like a clown…”

  3. “Functionally retarded? What’s that? Sounds like fun!”

  4. Matt

    Damn jews are everywhere. Wait, that was the previous post. Oh well, it still works.

  5. dboffer

    Thanksgiving turkey knees.

  6. I wonder how much of a frontal lobotomy I’d have to get to be this happy?

  7. Pumpkin

    She’s cute, young, and successful. The rest of you are just haters, but I really wish they posted her with a coffee in her hand. I don’t think she needs a bodyguard when she goes out anymore since there’s always some third world pap guy stalking her on a coffee run with a camera.

  8. She’s a hot mess.

  9. pillsy

    Westlake duck — yummy on the inside but all wrapped in batter

  10. bernard

    her legs look like pizza dough -

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