1. Looks like somebody stopped doing coke

  2. 40 hit her like a truck full of dumpy middle aged mothers.

  3. If the mountain of coke won’t come to maoma, maoma will come to the mountain.

  4. you sure thats not Lindsay?

  5. A rolling ho gathers no moss.

  6. That’s some thick moss.

  7. Matt

    Sometimes you hit the wall. Sometimes, the wall hits you. And other times, the whole ceiling caves in on your waistline.

  8. oops

    it’s like bigfoot shaved and put on a bikini

  9. PassingTrue

    She says she “doesn’t do boring.” Actually, I think you passed that somewhere back on the beach.

  10. Suck It Trebek

    There really is no unseeing that!

  11. whatever

    so called supermodels, what an ideal, cara delvinge looks like that too btw, so it’s not just age, models created by homos want boyish ugly

  12. Dee

    “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

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