1. “Daym. My shit DOES smell like roses!”

  2. Swearin

    “What’s that, Tom? You want me to grab his butt? I’m not sure that’s app-, Yes, right away, Oh Chosen One!”

  3. I can see the Xenu thought bubble now and it reads like one of Travolta’s diary entries.

  4. “Honey, just act natural, but there is a black man sitting right by your purse. Don’t panic.”

  5. Hmm

    They are remaking Forrest Gump with a black lead this time?

  6. “Y’all know where you get that black hair and tan skin from, right?”

  7. “Yo man! Where ya looking at!?”

  8. Little Tongue

    Ever wondered why Jaden Smith looks so douchey all the time? Genetics, obviously.

  9. I hope Bill Goldberg turned right around and punched him in the face.

  10. Flatliner

    ‘Hmmm…I just love the smell of cock in the morning’

  11. richport

    That’s definitely a “shitting my pants” face…

  12. cc

    Ah yes,sooty exhaust, dog poop, and farts that smell like capicola…THIS is Italy.

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