1. if she gets into that pool they’ll have to refill it after she gets out.

  2. yourmom

    Another graduate from the Kardashian school of photography.

  3. She’s taking tips from Coco now.

  4. anyone else mentally picture the photographer snap kicking her right in the spine?

  5. Annnnnnnd, I so would….

  6. buzz

    Wow…and I thought I was bad a photoshop. If she gets in that warp-looking pool, she might end up in 1980′s.

  7. …welcome back, sexy …i missed you.

  8. Holy shit… funhouse mirror much?

  9. Holy fucking shit! I already liked her a lot, but she just took it to another level.

  10. Is that her toilet bowl ?

  11. No, no, no…I don’t think so…

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