1. Ralph

    Quack, quack, quack.

  2. I’m done listening to feminists talk about unrealistic body images and all that other bullshit. Nobody is making women inject chicken fat into their lips until they look like a cartoon nightmare, that’s all on you ladies.

  3. Swearin

    The necklace says Mickey but the face says Donald

  4. Cock Dr

    Hugh’s dead isn’t he?
    His body is stashed somewhere in the mansion, moldering, while Crystal wanders the pool & lingerie closets aresa, takes selfies in a lot of different outfits & posts them to the internet.

  5. Is that Hugh Heffner’s hand?

  6. Such a fresh-faced natural beauty, this one. And always thinking of other people.

  7. Pepe

    Why is she not wearing one of those bunny necklaces….traitor. She’s so fired.

  8. Remember when Marlena was possessed by the devil?

  9. whatever

    duck face hore

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