1. cc

    I must say, her bush was expertly trimmed in Melancholia. So, there are about 10 seconds of that movie that aren’t total suffering.

  2. EricLR

    Get out of her way! Can’t you see that she doesn’t have an audition to get to in 10 minutes?!?!?

  3. john

    havent seen those nips since Spiderman 1

  4. the stress of lugging those enormous breasts around seems to be getting to her.

  5. Batu Khan

    Man, age 50 hit her like a brick!

  6. The nipples that caused millions of comic book nerd to shoot their web fluid in their pants.

  7. Man, these promo pics of next seasons “The Walking Dead” are pretty intense.

  8. She could have had a much better career if she had simply used those mammoth breasts to greater exposure and effect.

  9. Mammoth breasts…??? Enormous breasts…??? I suppose that would be the case if she were 12 years old. (Don’t get me wrong — they really are very nice. Just not huge!)

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