1. It’s like British Rihanna is becoming old American Miley Cyrus.

  2. JC

    Jay-Z’s trip to Cuba was never about supporting a communist regime but rather finding a laboratory that would allow him to create Beyonce and Rihanna’s love child.

  3. Is that a bizarre underarm tat, or did she just forget to shave on one side?

  4. cc

    Looks like her nose got Chris Browned.

  5. Mike

    You’d be high not to do this girl.

  6. She needs more lemon Pledge.

  7. Hate Mongrelf

    Crappy CGI.

  8. She tried to hide her joint as the cameras flashed, but the burning wispy smoke betrayed her addiction.

  9. tlmck

    Generic pop tartlet #5432.

  10. dang girl take a shower

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