1. Please tell us he’s not remaking The French Connection. Sly Popeye Doyle.

  2. Elvis Costello & The Reflection.

  3. cc

    Amazing…those blood clots have cut off all circulation to his face, yet he still lives and breathes.

  4. EricLR

    At some point he turned from Rocky into Paulie.

  5. He’s plumping up nicely for Thanksgiving.

  6. Robb7

    What the hell is that veiny shit on his neck??!!

  7. Winter IS coming…

  8. He looks like he’s got one of those prosthetic noses attached.

  9. The French air oxidizes the mountain of steroids and HGH he shoots directly into his shriveled wang every day, turning his skin a beautiful, healthy green just like Lady Liberty.

  10. yo sly-
    neck spanx yo.

  11. urmomhasaweewee


  12. He don’t look so nice.

  13. Phoenix

    That Stallone mask is pretty realistic but you can see the neckline a mile away. It f only they could figure out a way to keep the rubber from bunching up like that at the bottom.

  14. So hipster scanners is a thing now? Christ, I hate America.

  15. Jeesh…even his wrinkles have muscles!

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