1. Is she carrying a film script?

  2. EricLR

    “Is that a restaurant flyer?”

    “No, it’s my latest Syfy script!”

  3. Text book example of why you don’t decide if a girl is hot or not until you’re within 20 feet.

  4. Batu Khan

    Wait, she almost looks presentable. What gives?

  5. Why is she only tan from the waist up?

  6. cc

    I often wonder how it is that she still has money. When did she work last?

  7. anonymous

    Her grandmother knees are scary!

  8. Brit

    This is the “before” photo on her Sharknado sequel casting call.

  9. Here she is leaving the casting couch office for ‘Sharkgina.’

  10. She is smiling, her AIDS test to work in the porn industry must have come back clean.

  11. She looks great here. If you surround yourself with ugly girls you look better. Same applies with wrinkled leather bags I guess?

  12. Emma Waton's Vagina

    sadly would still do. even sadder would have a serious relationship with.

  13. Walk of Shame Barbieā„¢ with overnight bag.

  14. Vladimir

    If you covered the top half and just looked at purses and legs, I’d say, “What a fit 80yr old..”.

  15. whatever

    She looks porn princess happy. What drug is she on? It’s not alcohol anymore. Sure the drug buzz will wear off soon and the fall will be that greater.

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