1. “ohh…DO YA THI-”

  2. “Is that Chanel No. 5? You wear it well. A little old-fashioned, but that’s all right.”

  3. EricLR

    He wants a diaper change, but she’s having none of it, mister!!

  4. Cock Dr

    It appears as though he’s finally been domesticated. It’s probably much easier to do that when they’re so old and emasculated.

  5. cc

    He fucked Rachel Hunter in her prime. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  6. “I want Bitty.”
    “But I’m hungry.”

  7. “I just took a wet dook.”

  8. The groupies aren’t what they once were for Hot Rod. Except this one. She has been around since ’74.

  9. Can you back off? Urban myth or not, you still smell like you swallowed 12 ounces of semen.

  10. *softly, under his breath* ♫ ♪ “If you think I’m sexy, and you want my body, c’mon Sugar let me…”

    “No, goddamnit! And will you kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP? Enough, already!

  11. Vladimir

    “…the camera’s flash, when it’s in your face, really shows your age…”

  12. whatever

    Rod: ”I’m trading you in for a younger one, I want more babies and you say no. Come oooon, one more baby!”

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