1. Yo! Let me try some of that bisque, bitch!

  2. EricLR

    And just let me tell you about the time I met Jon Hamm at the AMC luncheon!!

  3. cc

    He met Kim Kardashian…

  4. “Seriously, Aaron, your face is going to freeze like that. Look what happened to Alec Baldwin.”

  5. He should be in a cartoon series called the Bitches, and can use “bitch” for just about every word, just like the Smurfs do.

  6. catapostrophe


  7. Ricky Gervais looks terrible.

  8. “Yeah! Fucking math, man.”

  9. keijo

    Yea, he still cooks

  10. “Yeah bitch, magnets!”

  11. hamtime

    “… and so then Hilary pulls out these zucchinis …”

  12. Vladimir

    “…stop laughing, listen, Muniz used to be HUGE and look at him now! I’m telling you the Cranston Curse is REAL and it’s scaring the crap out of me!”

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