1. cc

    You know when that dog pukes, his wife will say ‘Clean that shit up bitch!’

  2. Suddenly, Nick Cannon regretted pulling the “movie theater popcorn box trick.”

  3. “Mariah likes the puppies nice-n-fat before she roasts’em”.

  4. catapostrophe

    Steady muggin’.

  5. “I’d love to take you home little guy, but my wife is just gonna try to make a coat out of you.”

  6. “I gotta go! If I am not home to tell the nanny what to do with the kids, my wife is gonna beat me!”

  7. tlmck

    “Hey Nick! How’s that career coming along?”

  8. Didn’t this guy make a movie or something once?

  9. caley

    Wait, when did Iams steal KFC’s tagline of “So Good” unless…they’re working together. Suddenly the KFC Famous Bowl makes so much more sense.

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