1. They used to call him Lil’ Bow Wow, now they call him “That guy who threw up in Tyra Banks mouth”

  2. cc

    Though bubble over head ‘Oh man, I was really hoping she’d go Kardashian on me.’

  3. Gonorrhea meet Syphilis

  4. Draining the life force out of has been rappers is how she maintains her youthful appearance.

  5. Cock Dr

    There’s a lot of unsightly stuff going on here…those shoes are awful.

  6. FattyMcGee

    “Bow Wow and The Cougar”, next on BET!

  7. ThisWillHurt

    “Mmm, you taste like obscurity.”
    Now guess which one is thinking that.

  8. anonym

    looks awkward

  9. When has been met crazy

  10. Looks like a baby giraffe making out with a rapping Oompa-Loompa.

  11. Close your eyes and you grab the wrong black microphone

  12. [sound of plunging a toilet]

  13. AndrewMacCloud

    wait to see the look on his face when he finds out her clit is as big as his forehead and twice the size of his cock

  14. AndrewMacCloud

    Did I forget to mention that besides Clitzilla, her Vagina is widely known as The Bermuda Triangle where legions of black Dicks have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.never to be heard of again…

  15. just me

    wait, what now????

  16. I like big bitches and I cannot lie, I am little and I cannot fly…………..

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