1. Anna’s Gunn rack.

  2. cc

    Looks like she’s trying to peek in through a screen door.

  3. angerinside

    … and that’s why there is no “S” on the end of her name.

  4. Bringing out the big gunns.

  5. Chris

    Earlier that evening, she turned over Axis Chemicals.

  6. Are her boobs somehow pressed against glass?

  7. Vlad

    You know you have talented boobs when they can mime being trapped in a glass box.

  8. Ama gun rip off Anna Gunn’s dress and then ama gun cum

  9. The cheering across America will be fucking deafening when her character gets killed.

  10. “Hey, lady, I know your last name is Gunn, but I will still need to see your permit for those two thirty-eights.”

  11. Combo

    Great actress, but damn I want her character to die in Breaking Bad.

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