1. M

    Auditioning for a remake of “Something about Mary”?

  2. Deacon Jones

    “Actually, I prefer to eat box with the “Teeth on top, tongue on bottom” method

  3. noodle

    she looks hot even when she looks retarded.

  4. Hugenilous Orgasmo!!

  5. epicfail

    Alright, who smoked out the Maple Christ?

  6. neo

    licky licky i want dicky…is what she might be saying, not me…cause im straight and stuff

  7. Richard McBeef

    She made the same face when she saw Daniel Radcliffe’s weiner on Broadway.

  8. 90s popsicle

    I don’t always herp, but when I do, I derp.

  9. “Now Ron, remember, when you take the drunk bitch home, YOU fly the broom!”

  10. CharmlessMan

    So he said, “I’m from The Superficial, and I’ll give you ten dollars American to see your tits!” And I said, “Yeah, right, nerd!”

  11. MrsWrong

    “And THEN I told tem I was leaving cause I was too FAMOUS!…HAHAHA” *touches pearls and sips glass of merlot*

  12. Squishy

    Drunken elfin chick in mourning???

  13. Emma showing people how you perform oral sex on her.

  14. Hey, Chachi… don’t think I don’t see you playing pocket pool back there.

  15. CptCreep


  16. monkeyspank

    Stop making fun of Down’s Syndrome people.

  17. welldoneson

    Maybe someone just told her that this picture was going to be on .

  18. Arzach

    “That little thing? c’mon!

  19. brennan haley

    “Weasley, you cheeky, bastard! I said ‘Urwund Fitz Tween Mawbunz’. No, just leave it now.”

  20. “You call that a wand?!”

  21. tlmck

    Justin Bieber’s version of Hannah Montana.

  22. bootsy lee farnsworth

    I seriously just want to jerk off directly onto my monitor with the fury of a thousand wrathful gods every time I see one of her pictures.

    I dont care is shes a lesbian trapped in a 13 year old boys’ body.

  23. GuyLeDouche

    Thank God I don’t have to be “smart Hermione” any more and can go back to normal!

  24. OhMyGawd

    Cast in the new Lindsay Lohan biopic….

  25. Elle

    “Wingardium Levidosa!”

  26. cc

    Hoooweeee, I got LAID last night.

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